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Academic and Research Support Services

Fadcon International Consulting provides professional academic research support services, including editing, proofreading, and related services. Our primary objective is to provide prompt, professional and affordable educational services to enhance the quality of our client’s academic works.

At Fadcon International Consulting, we provide valuable and timely academic services, including editing of full-length research reports, editing of short communications, research proposal services, research projects, dissertations, thesis support services, and other forms of scientific and scholarly articles. Contact us to work together to improve the quality of your research, dissertation and thesis works.

Our team of seasoned academics and researchers possess practical knowledge and skills to improve your research works and manuscripts. We will thoroughly check and subject your manuscript to scientific and English editing that meets the standard required by international academic journals and publishers. Besides editing and proofreading, we also provide consultation services.

How Can We Help You?

Our Team of Researchers specialises in providing expert guidance on academic research, including master’s dissertations and Doctoral theses. He can help you map out a research and analysis plan, including:

  • Dissertation and Thesis Research Proposal Support: We can assist you in developing and enhancing the quality of your dissertation and thesis research proposal.
  • Sourcing of relevant and current academic resources/journals.
  • Research Questions and Hypotheses: We can assist you in developing your research questions and corresponding hypotheses.
  • Methodology (usually chapter 3 of a dissertation): We can assist you in selecting your research method, design, and analysis. We provide expert guidance and feedback on how to clearly articulate your research plan in a detailed manner so that any reader can replicate the study.
  • Data Management: We can help you collate, code, clean, and manage quantitative and qualitative data. He can assist you in dealing with missing data, computing scores, and labelling your data.
  • Data Analysis (Statistics) and Discussions of Results. We can assist you in answering your research questions by showing you how to conduct your analyses. He can help you with data analyses with assumption testing and provide a “how-to” guide to demonstrate how to complete the research. He will also provide you with a detailed guide on interpreting your analyses’ results. Most importantly, he will provide follow-up support via e-mail, phone, and virtual meetings to help you fully understand your data and findings so you can confidently write your results section and defend it.
  • Proofreading and editing services.
  • Plagiarism Check and review (e.g. via Turnitin) – Review of manuscripts.
  • Support in publishing academic manuscripts in reputable and credible journals.

What Can We Do To Help You?

We will guide you through 3 primary consulting support services, including:
1. Providing comments using the commenting and track changes function in Word to give expert guidance on the manuscript.
2. Conduct your analyses, including descriptive statistics and assumption testing. Providing all output to you as .sav or PDF files, accompanied by documents with “how to” conduct the analyses, “how-to” interpret the output, and “how-to” write a results section.
3. Providing support and coaching via e-mail, phone, and Virtual meetings to help you fully understand your data so you can confidently write your results section and defend your proposal or final manuscript.

How It Works

Here is the three (3) steps of how it work.



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Time and Investment

  • The typical turnaround time for services is 10-15 business days once all resources are received. Phone and Virtual calls for support should be scheduled within four (4) business days.
  • Expedited services can, however, be arranged for an additional investment based on availability.
  • The consulting rates are reasonably priced at a $300 minimum, which covers the first 4 hours of work.
  • All hours accumulated after that are billed at $75 per hour. All artefacts are delivered immediately upon payment.
  • Payment is accepted via credit cards and bank transfers. 

Service Expectations

1) You Contact Us – Using the contact form below, you provide your project description and document(s) so we can estimate the editing and proofreading cost. 

2) We Respond – Within one to four hours after contacting us, you will receive an electronic reply from us providing the cost to work on your document(s).

3) You Accept – If you agree with our estimate, you “accept” it; if you don’t, you can ignore it, and your document will be deleted from our server.

4) We Invoice – If you accept your estimate, you will receive an invoice with payment instructions immediately. You can pay for our services via PayPal, credit cards and bank transfers. Credit cards are accepted through PayPal. You are expected to pay a minimum of a 70 per cent deposit before the commencement of your work, and the balance should be payable after completion of the work – before delivery.

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