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Risk Management Services

Success cannot come through caution and complacency. Businesses, organisations, teams and individuals who desire to succeed should consciously identify and manage their risks effectively.

Moreover, risk management is part of good corporate governance. Instead of reacting to issues as they appear, the risk management process forecasts what problems may arise and establishes safeguards to alleviate the adversities surrounding those issues. It demonstrates that an organisation is aware of its consequences, thereby taking responsibility for securing the company’s future.

Fadcon International Consulting (FIC) offers several risk management services. Risk management services offer by FIC include:

Risk Management

A firm’s risk management framework should be underpinned by proper documentation. Each organisation is unique and will have differing objectives, outcomes and cultures.

Fadcon International Consulting specialises in developing tailored Risk Management Frameworks for organisations.


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The Assumption-Based Communication Dynamics (ABCD) risk management approach is a formal methodology that captures the perspectives and knowledge of stakeholders to ensure consistent communication, assumptions and proactive management of risks.

Fadcon International Consulting’s ABCD risk management approach enhances a firm’s resilience and risk management framework.

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A thorough assessment of an organisation’s risk management capabilities and strategy is critical to ensuring the effectiveness of the firm’s risk management framework.

Fadcon International Consulting offers a broad range of capability-enhancing services to assist firms with Enterprise and Strategic Risk Management.


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Operational Risk Management

Operational risk entails risk arising from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, systems, or external events. From the largest, operational risk exists in every organisation, regardless of size or complexity.

Fadcon International Consulting offers broad capabilities to assist you with Operational Risk Management.


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Effective management of risks associated with a project can enhance attaining the project’s objectives.

Fadcon International Consulting’s project risk management services ensure that a project context is established and risk criteria (likelihood, consequences and risk matrix) are well managed.


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Analysis of past events is a vital aspect of a firm’s risk management process. Past events analysis is crucial in a risk management process.

Post-incident or event analysis will minimise or completely prevent the reoccurrence of the event. We have developed a Post Event Analysis methodology to assist organisations in avoiding the reoccurrence of previous unpalatable events or incidents.

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Planning for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is more important than ever. Business Continuity is an organisation’s ability to continue supporting its customers and maintain its viability before, during, and after a disruption.

Fadcon International Consulting can assist your organisation in developing Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs).                           

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We offer Compliance Audit and Risk Management Services to ensure that firm policies and procedures are adequate and well-implemented. Compliance Audit and Risk Management Service helps to ensure that your firm’s policies and procedures are up to date and well-implemented.

The firm’s internal audits will be reviewed to ensure adherence and compliance with the law and regulations.                          

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A strategic risk workshop is beneficial in identifying, filtering and screening a firm’s risk exposures. Fadcon International Consulting’s Strategic Risk Workshops aim to align a firm’s strategic plan with its organisational objectives.

We have extensive experience in assisting businesses and organisations in identifying potential risks militating against achieving their strategic objectives.                         

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