Compliance Audit and Risk Management Services

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Compliance Audit and Risk Management Services

Managing risks associated with daily operations requires strong internal controls, the application of best practices, and training. Fadcon International Consulting (FIC) helps clients establish and self-audit operational policies and procedures to manage risk, reduce liability, and ensure compliance with insurance coverage.

FIC conducts reviews or internal audits to adhere to a firm’s policies and procedures and comply with laws and regulations. After gauging operational and employee compliance, FIC prescribes or modifies protocols and measures to improve performance, and adherence to industry standards, best practices, and policy requirements.

Compliance audit

Fadcon International Consulting’s internal compliance review is a systematic, independent, and documented approach to examining internal controls, physical and system security, and processes for daily operations against best practices, contractual obligations, established policies, procedures and other requirements. A compliance review compares written policy with actual implementation against standards.

We offer Compliance Audit and Risk Management Services to ensure that firm policies and procedures are adequate and well-implemented. The compliance review processes help manage risk, reduce liability, control insurance premiums, and, most importantly, protect your people and other assets.

FIC reviews physical and logical access to customer information and the encryption policies and procedures governing customer information. FIC’s compliance reviews also examine system change controls, intrusion detection, prevention systems in place to protect customer information, computer attach response capabilities, and plans and policies for business continuity and disaster recovery.

FIC has conducted hundreds of internal compliance reviews, particularly for high-valued assets, and developed risk management programmes, internal controls, and training and awareness programs for organisations in many industries. As a result of these compliance reviews, workers are safer, assets are better protected, and insurance covers the loss ensuring business continuity if an incident occurs.

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Compliance Audit and Risk Management Services

Fadcon International Consulting offers Compliance Audit and Risk Management Services to ensure that organisations’ policies and procedures are implemented consistently and adequately.

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