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The Risk Management Process

Enterprise Risk Management

Find out the importance of risk management an risk management process. This resource provides an organisational based practical approach and application risk management to enhance your knowledge and improve your company’s risk management approach.

Enterprise risk management is an holistic and enterprise-wide risk management. Discover how an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can help to manage risk holistically within a firm or business organisation.

Strategic Risk Management

Operational Risk Management

Learn how a company’s overall strategy can be improved by exploring current trends to plan and predict risks strategically to improve the firm’s overall business strategy.

Do you know that operational risks which have huge implications on a company’s business strategy can impact the firm’s strategic capability?

Business Continuity Planning

To stay prepared, organisations must expect the unexpected. Continuity planning is a necessary part of coming out on top in the face of the most challenging circumstances such as a natural disaster, a significant market crash, or a serious impact on a company’s brand or reputation.

Fadcon International Consulting
Risk Management Services

Fadcon International Consulting offers several risk management services to businesses, organisations and teams to identify and manage their risks.

Business Start-Up & Development

Let’s Help You Start Your Own Business

We will help you to start your own business. We will also guide you on how to operate the business(es) to ensure you have multiple sources of income.



We Will Help You To:

  • Start Your Own Business (es)
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Regardless of Your Location or Country